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In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, strong leadership is crucial for organizations to thrive and adapt. A well-designed leadership programme is essential for nurturing and developing capable leaders who can guide their teams toward success. The WeThinkGeneration project and programme explore the key components and benefits of comprehensive leadership that empowers individuals to become exceptional leaders in their respective fields.

The primary objective of the WeThink Generation leadership project is to cultivate and enhance the essential skills and qualities required for effective leadership. The programme aims to;

Develop Self-Awareness: Encourage participants to gain a deep understanding of their strengths, weaknesses, values, and personal leadership styles. Self-awareness forms the foundation for authentic and impactful leadership

Enhance Communication and Interpersonal Skills: Provide participants with the tools to communicate effectively, listen actively, and build positive relationships. Leaders must inspire and motivate their teams, foster collaboration, and resolve conflicts constructively.

Foster Strategic Thinking: Cultivate the ability to think critically and strategically, enabling leaders to make informed decisions, identify opportunities, and navigate challenges successfully.

Promote Emotional Intelligence: Help leaders understand and manage their emotions and empathize with others. Emotional intelligence facilitates better decision-making, conflict resolution, and the creation of a positive work culture.

Develop Adaptability and Resilience: Equip leaders with the skills to navigate change, embrace innovation, and bounce back from setbacks. Adaptability and resilience are essential in today's dynamic business environment.

Impactful Leadership

The WeThink Generation Instils the importance of ethical behaviour, integrity, and social responsibility. Leaders must serve as role models and make ethical decisions that benefit citizenry.

Programme Structure and Curriculum

Our comprehensive leadership programme is designed as a combination of theoretical

learning, experiential activities, and practical applications. The programme consists of the following key elements:

Leadership Workshops

Interactive workshops led by industry experts, covering topics such as self-awareness, communication, emotional intelligence, strategic thinking, and ethical leadership. These sessions provide a solid theoretical foundation.

Coaching and Mentoring

One-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions with experienced leaders provide personalized guidance, support, and feedback. These sessions help participants overcome challenges, set goals, and develop leadership competencies.

Team Projects

Collaborative projects enable participants to practice teamwork, delegation, and project management skills. These projects encourage creativity, innovation, and the ability to lead diverse teams towards shared objectives.

Leadership Assessments

Utilization of validated leadership assessment tools to evaluate participants' progress, strengths, and areas for improvement. These assessments provide valuable insights and assist in individual development plans.

Networking Opportunities

Networking events and forums create opportunities for participants to connect with industry leaders, build professional relationships, and gain exposure to diverse perspectives.


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Our Vision and Mission

To raise 100 milllion thinking leaders. That will become the leading reference point for directorship and best practices in corporate governance and leadership.
To represent director’s interest and facilitate their professional development and training in good corporate governance and leadership practices.
Our Mission
Adding value >> continuously to corporate activity. E,g Competence
>>Integrity Providing Leadership with honesty and integrity
>>Professionalism Excellent qualities demonstrated through training
Our Core Values

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